Reddit is Fun on the quest to remove banner ads


95% native in-feed ads being served


120% eCPM uplift


Frictionless UX


Reddit is Fun has been for years the 'official' Android client of Reddit, one of the largest social networks on the planet. Through its iconic newsfeed, users of this tech-savvy community can share links and start, in some cases, epic discussions.

The needs

The team has been heavily relying on banner ads so far, but they decided to switch to native ads after their initial experiments showed higher rates and overall improved user experience. They've been using MoPub Mediation and they were looking for a reliable native ads provider that could work with that.

We were making money only with banner ads. In July 15 we started using Avocarrot and now we are 95% Native ads & 5% banners.

Andrew, CEO at Reddit Is Fun

The solution

After trialing out Avocarrot, the team decided to integrate native ads into the app's main feed which is a ListView. With this integration the app is able to offer a seamless user flow and by utilizing the unlimited ad placements that are available in infinite scrolling lists, it moved to one step closer in getting rid of the spammy and underperforming banner ads.

Reddit is Fun

The results


Native in-feed ads


eCPM increase in top GEOs

In the first 2 months of Avocarrot's native ads integration, Reddit is Fun was being monetized 95% through native ads and saw an overall increase of 120% in eCPM for their top regions. As a side bonus, they've stopped receiving bad reviews for annoying ads too.