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Avocarrot provides you with all the tools necessary to create, optimize and monitor your native ads

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Transparent reporting

Gain complete visibility on all your key revenue metrics and slice-and-dice your data to uncover insights that will tilt the balance, through the interactive dashboard or via our reporting API.

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High-performing Video & Display Ads

Maximize your revenue with a combination of high quality video and display native ads that get delivered through Avocarrot's global programmatic platform.

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Example feed

Guaranteed eCPM with an advanced flooring system

Utilize the native programmatic technology offered by Avocarrot by setting eCPMs and achieving your desired rates. You will be able to set Marketplace eCPM Floors on your apps, placements, countries or any combination of the above.

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Transparent mediation report

Choose between countries or ad networks for visual preferences and filter performance metrics and ad placements on any given time period. eCPM and fill rates are clearly displayed for easy comparison.

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