Get programmatic access to over 8 billion native ad impressions per month and let your brand reach any audience globally

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Serve display and video ad placements that match the look and feel of any app.

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Reach your target audience on top apps.

Downloader & Private Browser
Reddit is fun
New Republic
Web Video Caster
VK Feed

+ 4,500 more

Real-Time Customizations

Avocarrot publishers customize their ads in real-time to perfectly match the look and feel of their application creating a seamless advertising experience.

Traffic Direct from the Source

AVX traffic is 100% owned and unique. Avocarrot maintains direct relationships with all publishers to ensure quality and performance.

Tuned for performance

With technologies like H.E.R.O. working around the clock to optimize key performance metrics like impressions and CTR, Avocarrot is focused on improving advertiser's ROI.

Native ads anatomy

Decomposable feed base Decomposable feed image Decomposable feed icon Decomposable feed title

We only need a main image, an icon and a title.

Full-featured exchange for all your needs.


Full OpenRTB v2.3 Support

Built with industy standards in mind, AVX supports OpenRTB v2.3 with Native Ad Extension v1.0. Integration with compatible bidders is straight forward and only takes a couple of days.

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Native Video for Premium apps

Distribute your video content to premium, brand-safe environment via native, in-feed video. Enjoy the high completion rates and meaningful ROI our autoplay video ads offer.

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Private Marketplace

Private Marketplace

Access high-performing apps, ensure first look impressions at top publishers’ native inventory on a fixed eCPM and improve your ROI via PMP deals.

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Demand Dashboard

Slice and dice Avocarrot’s native inventory and keep track of your bidding activity and campaigns’ performance via Avocarrot’s real-time, fully transparent platform.

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