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Avocarrot is the leading programmatic native ad exchange & mediation solution for mobile publishers, powered by Glispa Global Group. By combining real-time bidding technology and automatic traffic optimization across the most relevant demand sources, Avocarrot is an all-in-one platform for optimizing and monitoring mobile ad revenue.

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The biggest publishers in the world use Avocarrot for their monetization.

Highest rates for
native ads on mobile

Premium advertisers and RTB technology drive the highest rates in the industry.

Intelligent optimization in your control

Automatic and/or manual prioritization of ad networks in the mediation waterfall.

Advanced revenue optimization

Real-time bidding technology allows you to optimize revenue earned from every impression. Set minimum eCPM per country to shape your rates exactly as you want while our dedicated revenue optimization team will promote your traffic to our premium advertisers.

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Advanced revenue optimization
Native ads

Ads that match the look & feel of your app

Customize your native ads in real-time through our dashboard without needing to update your app’s code. Choose between display or video ad types and create an immersive experience that doesn’t annoy your users. Our SDK is light-weight and the integration takes only 15 minutes.

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Intelligent optimization at your fingertips

Gain full control and transparency over your inventory. The smart optimization engine provides you with the best mix of highest eCPM and fill rate. You have full visibility of your inventory performance while you are blending demand from the leading Ad networks and Programmatic Exchanges into a single campaign selection engine.

All features
Intelligent optimization

Seamless monthly payments

Consistent monthly payments with multiple payment options to choose from.

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It takes only 15 minutes

You can start showing native ads by , if you type fast.

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