Word Hero leverages native ads for higher revenue


50% higher Revenue from Custom Native Ads


4x quicker Technical Support


Easiest integration


Word Hero is a top multiplayer word search game with realtime leaderboard ranking and online competitions. Featured in the Google Play "Word Games" category, it's a highly addictive game for friends who like puzzles and word finding games.

The needs

The team behind Word Hero wanted to monetize the game with high performing ad formats that are flexible enough to adjust to their needs. They originally started with banner ads, but they soon realised that they've been underperforming and not realizing their true potential.

Our users responded very positively to native ads and this was reflected in 50% revenue increase through the Avocarrot native ad exchange.

Richard, CEO at Word Hero

The solution

Word Hero successfully integrated Avocarrot native ads into the game's existing UI. In only a couple hours, they were up and running with custom native ad placements that matched the look and feel of the game.

Word Hero

The results


Higher revenue with native ads


Faster technical support

The team started monetizing their top title with custom native ads and saw a 50% overall increase of the app’s revenue in very little time. In addition, with the help of Avocarrot's technical support team they were able to address and resolve some of the unique issues they've been facing, four times quicker than the other mobile ad networks they've used before.