Programmatic Native Ads For Mobile Developers.

Create a clean user experience while increasing total app revenue.

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Why Native? Numbers Talk

  • Make extra money

    Native ads can co-exist with any other monetization solution you already use (even banner ads). This means extra money for you at zero cost!

  • Keep a beautiful user experience

    The power of our technology allows you to easily adjust the look of the ads to match the existing UX of your app. No more compromise on user experience.

  • High eCPM from more clicks

    App developers that use Avocarrot report up to 17x higher CTRs compared to banner ads. More clicks translate to happier users and more money for you.

Built for App Developers

  • The user experience was important for me so I wanted to go with native ads. Avocarrot gave me the easiest way to implement them in my apps.

    Daryl Walser

    Daryl Walser

    Whack Ur Boss

  • The support team is really fast, the setup of the SDK in my apps was painless and the payment is always on time. I warmly recommend Avocarrot.

    Geoffrey Kretz

    Geoffrey Kretz


  • I started using this SDK alongside with banner ads to get extra revenue. After 2 weeks, I now use only Avocarrot and I make more money than before.

    Chris Makris

    Chris Makris

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